IP Performance Metrics (IPPM) Working Group

An IETF Working Group that has been chartered in 1997 to define metrics for network performance. Over the years, the group has furthered conventions and metrics for talking about and for measuring one-way packet loss, one-way delay, round-trip delay, IP packet delay variation, achievable bulk throughput, loss patterns, and packet reordering, as well as the OWAMP protocol used in the measurement tool of the same name (see under OWAMP Tool).



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  • RFC 8250, IPv6 Performance and Diagnostic Metrics (PDM) Destination Option, N. Elkins, R. Hamilton, M. Ackermann, September 2017

Non-WG Products

  • RFC 5236, Improved Packet Reordering Metrics, A. Jayasumana, N. Piratla, T. Banka, A. Bare, R. Whitner, June 2008


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